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Leader Roles

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Post up your questions about squad or platoon leadership here.

Squad Leaders (SLs) and Platoon Leaders (PLs) are not allowed to carry a Sniper, SAW or Heavy Weapon. Do one job and do it well. Your weapon is your squad.

If you want to lead a squad - your best bet is to assemble one prior to registration. And please - if this is your first OLC event - let someone else lead. You will enjoy your newb experience much more.

SLs are responsible for the safety (and fun) of their squad. You will inspect your shooters at assembly to ensure they are all in proper uniform, with proper eye pro and with an adequate supply of water. SLs MUST HAVE a radio (possibly 2).

SLs will also be expected to communicate with their squad members prior to Irene. Make yourself available. Add a topic for your squad's questions (private FB pages/groups are allowed but remember OPSEC!!).

SLs are expected to lead by example. Be the first to follow the rules and the last to ask for an exception (likely a no-go). Your enjoyment of Irene means your shooters will enjoy it as well.
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