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Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 12:40 pm
by Lionclaws
Player Class

The sniper provides precision fires and long distance reconaissance for the platoon. Each platoon will have its own dedicated Recon Section. The Recon Section will consist of 4 Snipers, 1 Machine Gunner, 1 Grenadier, and 2 Riflemen. Requests to be in the Recon Section must be submitted through your chain of command. Snipers must use NON WINDING magazines. All players fielding sniper rifles must have their names forwarded to the Chief of Staff by their Chain of Command.
The requirements for Sniper Rifles are:
-Must be based on a real world sniper rifle firing a 7.62x51mm or larger round
-Must be bolt action or semi-automatic ONLY.
-Weapon must be incapable of automatic fire without physical disassembly of the firing mechanism (no FETs or FCUs limiting fire rate allowed)
-Must have a magnifying scope mounted
If you have a question about your sniper rifle, please ask.

Chrono limits for Sniper rifles are 3.75 Joules (520 FPS with .30g BB). Sniper Rifles have a minumum engagement distance of 100 feet IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. At no time should a sniper engage any target closer than 100 feet. It is the sniper's responsibility to properly engage targets. Any target engaged closer than 100 feet, even if by accident, will result in the sniper being removed for a portion of the game.