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Operation Lightning Strike, April 17-19, 2015

2014 lightning struck Scioto Compound. Russian forces under the command of a mad renegade, code name "Bubba", openly called out US forces for being "American Fashion Models"!

Confident that his Russian outlaws will overpower anyone standing in their way, mad man "Bubba" and his rag-tag force will try to power their way through to capture a critical depot in MD as they inch towards Washington.

Standing in the Russian Strike Team's way is US Army Ranger MSG(ret), "Mad Max" Mullen and his seasoned fighting unit. "Trash-talk is cheap! We'll shove their words down their throats AND teach them how to gear up properly! Hooah!"

Can the Rangers hold their ground or will they yield to the over confident mad man? Williamsport, MD is a mere 130 km from the nation's capitol...

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