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Operation Lightning Strike, May 16-18, 2014

The Northridge Biodome Research and Weapons Plant (a.k.a. Biodome) fell to the Renegade forces in the spring battle. The Federation Army pulled south to fight them on other fronts, allowing the Russians to secure the Bopdome and start working on ways to use the Biological warheads to put an end to the Federation Army once and for all.

In the bloody Fall battle, The Federation Army attacked multiple key Russian strongholds and the Russian Renegade command was forced to pull out of Northridge to re-enforce a vital waterway fort, the Delaware Compound.

In a bold move the Federation Army decided to conduct a full push to take out the main Russian water supply via Delaware Compound. By controlling the Delaware Compound, the Federation Army will control Russian's supply line.

Federation Army CO, "Mad Max", taking command of the Federation Special Warfare Group, will spearhead this battle.

The Russian Command quickly mobilized and dispatched Renegade Warlord "Bubba" to retain control of the Delaware Compound.

Water is life; who will control this life line?

General Registration opens March 16th, 2014!