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Operation Irene, October 24-26, 2014

Africa, 2014: Local militias have unified and purchased Nuclear Triggers in a first step towards becoming an African nuclear power. The origin of these nuclear triggers is unknown but their presence has been verified. US leaders have contacted the South African government for assistance in securing these devices from the Militia. But do the South Africans have the same goals as the Americans? The stage is set.
UN dispatches Charlie Company under the command of legendary US Army Ranger COL (Ret) Danny McKnight to the region to quell any potential uprising. Will C CO be able to stop a nuclear presence in such an unstable part of the world? Can they secure the nuclear triggers and get them out of the country?
South Africa's Delta Company, led by the formidable US Army Ranger (Ret) Max Mullen, is poised to take control of the land. Will D CO be able to seize this opportunity to rise as a new global power? And do they really welcome the presence of the UN Peace Keeping Force?
Militia forces have rallied under the leadership of former USSR paratrooper Sgt. Igor Dobroff. "Crazy Igor" and his men have obtained a rare prize; what will Igor do with this prize?
A 3-way street fight taking place on 3 different MOUT sites. Irene XII marks a fresh reboot of the OLCMSS Operation Irene series.

General Registration opens August 24, 2014!